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WELCOME!  Thank you for visiting my website! I am Luke. I am 11 years old.  My interest in insects and animals, especially reptiles began when I was about 3 years old, when I raised my first Luna Moth! Since then, I have learned to breed Praying Mantises, Emerald Roaches, butterflies, moths, isopods, and springtails! 

I LOVE to raise reptiles.  Check my website for photos and info about my wonderful animals.  I am currently breeding several Lizard and Gecko species. 

I love photography. I am regularly out in nature, taking photos of animals I find.  I will post images to my website regularly for sale as prints, so be sure to check in! 

I have also included links to my Youtube channel - Luke's Bug and Animal Adventures 

Thank you!


Here At Luke's Bug Adventures, I breed Praying Mantises, Isopods, Springtails, Emerald Roaches!  

I breed reptiles, especially geckos.

I sell copies of my photographs at reptile expos! (example above :)

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Was so excited to receive my gargoyle girl :) They drove her all the way from Arizona to me in New Mexico. With great communication and she arrived in excellent health. They were so polite and friendly! I’d highly recommended any reptile from them!


LBA LLC was a pleasure to work with. Great communication, updates, and waited until it was safe weather to ship. I was impressed with how well the packaging was insulated and my new snake arrived safe, happy, and healthy! Would do business again! 


They are very good and caring people that went above and beyond the norm to make sure everything went smoothly.I highly recommend LBA,LCC .....................AAAAA+++++ 

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